Who doesn’t fancy a luxurious kitchen where they can lazily nibble on wine and crackers? We all imagine a dream kitchen where we can cook a healthy meal for the family and bake sweet deliciousness from old family recopies. The kitchen is always a center of all the memories and occasions, compressed into one portion of the house. This is the prime reason why every kitchen should feel special and luxurious. 

Nobody says no to polished marbles, glimmering hardware, and lustrous silverware. Whether it’s a sizzling thanksgiving turkey or colorful Easter eggs, all are best when cooked in the warmth of your kitchen with perfection and love. If you also fancy a royal kitchen with glitters and glamour of luxuries, then all you need to do is be smart with your design. Few clever steps can improve the ambiance of your kitchen and make it more expensive, lustrous, and luxurious. 

Here are five easy yet effective ways to transform your boring kitchen into a luxurious kitchen. 

1. Bring the Boring Cabinets to Life 

If new cabinetry is not an option, you can always replace the hardware. Bring the old and bland cabinets to life by changing the door pulls, handles, and hinges. You can experiment with different materials and unexpected hues to reinvent your cabinets and change the appearance of your kitchen. Just repainting and changing the hardware make your cabinets look new and stunning. 

It’s cheap yet effective to get a luxurious kitchen. Metal hinges and pulls often begin to rust with time; it’s essential to keep them clean and updated. Everything requires maintenance to sustain its beauty and luster, and that goes for luxurious kitchens as well. Just remodeling your kitchen once in a few years is not enough, keep the cabinets, hinges pulls, and handles in check to sustain the splendor of your luxurious kitchen. 

2. Use Luxurious Wall Colors 

You might be wondering what even are luxurious wall colors? According to many designers and architects, certain colors can make your place look more luxurious and expensive. Try and keep the tones lighter and elegant. Colors like natural beige, champagne, cream, silver, white, and gold can accentuate the walls and create an illusion of a luxurious kitchen. 

Just select minimal tones and play with the textures. Create visual interest by a statement wall that does not overshadow the kitchen but makes the kitchen look expensive at the same time. Colors play an important role in improving the ambiance of your kitchen and making it an ideal place for the family and friends to enjoy their cozy evenings nibbling over the snacks and dips. 

3. Add Glass to Cabinet Doors 

When changing the cabinets is off the table, you need to upgrade the look in the most effective way. Replacing glass instead of solid cabinet doors is an easy way to make your cabinets look more modern and luxurious. Solid cabinets limit the gaze and create an illusion of a cramped and small kitchen while glass doors change the look and draw the gaze into the cabinets and towards the beautiful display of your china and silverware. 

See-through doors usually work wonders with lighter cabinets. Repainting your cabinets is a great way to reinvent the tired and old cabinets. Painting your cabinets can also hideaway all the marks and scratches and it gives a fresh and breathable appearance to your luxurious kitchen. Just repaint the old cabinetry and have your place transformed into a luxurious kitchen. 

4. Add Colors and Smells 

Although lighter colors are indeed best for making your kitchen look expensive but you need to add contrast to the light walls and pop the aesthetic with few chosen colorful pieces. Many designers believe fruits are best to serve this purpose. Colors and smells play an important role in making memories worth remembering and fruits have both colors and smell. Just place a wooden bowl of fresh fruits on your countertop to give a fresh fragrance and popping look to your kitchen. 

Who doesn’t crave a healthy treat while working in the kitchen? Place some fresh and nice apples, grapes, and lemons in your basket. This way the fruits are easy to access and also work to pop the colors against grey walls. While fake fruits are also an option but many of the designers prefer real fruits since they have a slight smell to them that sets the beautiful aroma in the kitchen. Fruits also have a sitting time of two weeks, which is far greater than the life span of flowers and hey, you can’t even eat flowers. 

As for the smell, everyone loves a nice sweet smell to enlighten the mood. Use nice and soft candles to give a morning smell to your place. Scented candles are great for keeping the mood warm and cozy. Believe it or not, just a pop of color and pump of smell can create an illusion of a luxurious kitchen.

5. Update Your Light Fixtures 

 When you can’t afford to change the bigger architectural features, just updating the light fixtures can work wonders. It’s the nature of the human eye to focus on the highest contrasting points; hence proper lighting is very important to give your kitchen a luxurious finish. You can keep it simple by choosing the globe fixture with light nickel or brass detailing. 

Add dimmable lights to your kitchen so that you can change the intensity according to the need. You can also add light under the cabinets and between the ceiling to blur out the harsh shadows that conceal your enchanting decorations and display. Natural light is also great for making your kitchen shinier. Open the windows if you have the warm sunlight waiting outdoors and let it shine through your countertops and gleaming appliances. 

All of the above tips, if combined, can change the appearance of your place. You can create a luxurious kitchen that fits your imagination and impresses the guests with its magnificent splendor.