When it comes to kitchens, good things don’t always come in small packages. Crammed cupboards and congested countertops can easily irritate you. A kitchen is a place for comfort, where you can cook delicious meals and satisfy your cooking impulses. Small and crowded kitchens have less space for storage and to move around. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough space to design big and luxurious kitchens. However, you can try and make your kitchen look less crowded and congested by following a few simple steps. 

You can design your kitchen in a way that reflects your style as well as gives it a spacious finish. While you are cooking, you need as much space as you can have to move around with ease. Certain colors, shapes, and cabinets can help in freeing up space. There are endless possibilities to what you can do to make your kitchen look more open and breathe bale. My Soho Design help you decide what colors, cabinetry, and layout suit your space and style.

So if you are also struggling with a crowded kitchen, have a look at these few quick tips to make your kitchen look more spacious. 

1. Add Lighter Tones and Colors

Three factors generally decide how spacious a room can look; colors, lights, and contents. For most people, eliminating utensils and appliances is not an option and they need an easy fix to improve the crowded appearance. One simple way to make your kitchen look more spacious is to add lighter colors on the walls. 

If you cannot install new lighting or change the cabinets, just repaint the walls in a light color and see the difference. Lighter tones create an airy effect in a room and make it more open.  Darker walls make your room look more filled and it takes away the openness of a space.  The less dark colors you have, the better. You don’t need to use only white color; you can experiment with any color from pale yellow, light grey, to creamy peach shades. Repainting is cheaper and is an efficient way to improve your space and make it look bigger and better. 

2. Let the Sunlight In 

Another easy way to create space without cutting off cookware and appliances is to throw the shades up. Install clear windows with light curtains to let the natural light accentuate your space. Clear windows and panels reflect the outside walls and make your room look more spacious. If you have a beautiful garden view, then open the windows wide and let the sunlight shine on your glossy countertops and expensive silverware. 

When you throw open the windows, it feels like an extension of your kitchen and makes your kitchen look more open and airier. Bigger windows and reflective lights also make your kitchen look glossier and bigger.  Small changes make big differences; it’s as easy as just opening the windows. 

3. Replace Cabinet Doors with Glass 

Replacing clear glass in the place of solid cabinet doors creates more depth and visual in your kitchen. When you move your gaze around the kitchen, a solid door blocks it at the door while a glass door draws the gaze into the cabinets. This creates an illusion of more room and makes your kitchen look more spacious. 

Clear doors look amazing with lighter wood but have very little difference with dark cabinets. Glass doors create a display effect for your beautiful crockery and statement showpieces. However, some people don’t like to display the contents of their cabinets. In such cases, you can replace solid cabinet doors with mirrors and opaque glasses. Anything glossy and reflective will help you in making your kitchen look bigger and brighter. 

4. Use Reflective and Glossy Material 

Shiny surfaces tend to bounce back light and reflect the surrounding hues. Metals and other glossy materials are great for creating an illusion of a larger place. Metal doesn’t limit or gaze and allows the eyes to wander with the reflecting lights and this eventually results in making your kitchen look bigger. Instead of a bland one colored fridge, you can opt for a glossier one that reflects your kitchen and shines with the light. 

Another way to increase reflectivity in your kitchen is to install glossy tiles backlash. It will blend nicely with the cabinets and will create a neat transmission effect. If you have solid wood cabinets, the reflectivity of shiny stainless steel can accentuate the color of your walls and cabinet and will make your kitchen more breathable and open. 

5. Add Proper Lightening 

 Since the human eyes always focus on the highest contrasting point, dark shadows under and above the kitchen become the center of attention in your kitchen. The shadows between the cabinets and the ceiling create a dull effect that makes your kitchen look cramped and smaller. This problem can be easily fixed by adding more lights above the cabinets to brighten up the shadows and make your kitchen lighter. If you have no big windows to let in the natural light, sufficient lighting is essential to reduce the effect of congested and crammed places. Lights below the cabinets that are directed towards the countertops also work similarly. 

Every kitchen layout requires different strategic lighting to accentuate the space and make your kitchen look airy, open, and spacious. My Soho Design will help you in deciding which lights are best for you and will make your place look larger. You can start planning the kitchen of your dreams right away with just one click on the web. 

Try and follow these simple yet effective steps and you will notice a tremendous difference in the overall appearance of your kitchen. Reduce the floor space and find a place for everything. Spare items and appliances lying around the countertops make your kitchen look smaller and congested. Keep the counters and clean and glossy so that they shine and create an illusion of an airy, cool, and breathable place.  Get started on your kitchen right away!