You can say that the kitchen countertop lays a foundation to tweak the style of your place. There are numerous materials and designs out there to choose from. However, this can lead to confusion and frustration and many people end up with wrong decisions. Well, this comprehensive guide will help you decide what material, design, and color are best for your kitchen countertops. Be it graphite, marble, or quartz, My Soho Design provides you with the best material and services. 

Material is very important when it comes to countertops since they are always exposed and in use. Some materials might be stronger while others are shinier and glossier.  Here are some countertops materials that are commonly used in residential projects.

1. Granite 

Granite can make almost any kitchen look luxurious with the flavor of its elegant countertops. Granite has been a foremost choice of many architects and designers since its price went down and the stone became more common. While granite is a little on the pricier side, it’s also almost impervious to heat. However, the stone is porous and can develop stains with time if not treated with a sealer. 

Granite kitchen countertops are best for you if you are looking for something strong and durable. They are extremely resistant to heat and scratches. In addition to all this, installing granite countertops in your kitchen also increases the real state value of your house. 

2. Concrete 

Concrete gives you a free hand in designing whatever you desire. If you are looking for a material to create unique and different countertops, concrete is the right choice for you. Concrete is extremely heavy and that is why its countertops are molded right in your kitchen. These concrete slabs are in no way similar to the ones used in sidewalks. They are highly polished slabs that can also be textured and acid stained to show color. Although concrete tends to break with time, the cracking can be reduced by new treatments. 

The concrete is highly resistant to heat and scratches. It can be porous but sealing and treating with additives can help in achieving the polished finish. Although concrete countertops let you experiment with unusual shapes and texture, it also makes your kitchen look more industrial. 

3. Soapstone 

Soapstone can give an antique historic look to a place with its rich color and silky texture. It is a natural stone that is usually dark grey. Soapstone is often used in the place of granite countertops. The smooth material of soapstone creates an even surface which makes your countertops look elegant. The soapstone can be used for both kitchen countertops and sinks. 

It is quite hard and fairly resistant to stains and scratches. Although soapstone creates an antique effect, it can also look very attractive with certain kitchen styles. Soapstone kitchen counters are also impervious to heat. The material can develop scratches over time but the damage can be easily sanded out. 

4. Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel gives your kitchen an industrial look and goes with the modern layout. Stainless steel is highly resistant to heat. They are durable and easy to maintain. Stainless steel bounces back light, creating an illusion of a bigger and larger place. However, the stainless-steel kitchen countertops can be very noisy and scratchy. They can scratch easily since steel is not a cutting surface.  

5. Marble 

Marble kitchen countertops can make your kitchen look neater and lustrous. Every marble slab is unique and different. Marble is also a natural stone just like granite and soapstone. However, marble is more prone to scratches and stains. Some of the sealers can help in reducing the staining but marble is still temperamental as compared to granite and soapstone. 

Although marble countertops are quite expensive, they look exceptionally beautiful with their unique veining and cellulous appearance. Marble is also heatproof and waterproof. Installing marble kitchen countertops will also increase the real state value of your house. 

6. Quartz 

Unlike marble, granite, and soapstone, quartz is an engineered stone that is even with no imperfections. The countertops are made from ninety-three percent of quartz particles and other minerals. They are bounded with resin and have no pores. The quartz kitchen countertops require no sealing and are resistant to both staining and scratching. Some quartz slabs are convincing copies of marble slabs with unique veining patterns that look as beautiful as real marble without any fuss of staining and cleaning. 

Quartz is very easy to use and clean. However, the material is extremely heavy and expensive. You can custom fabricate quartz into any shape and size you desire. They have even surfaces and a natural appearance. 

7. Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are less expensive than quartz, marble, and granite. They are easy to clean and simply more durable than many kitchen counters tops materials. They are even easy to install and have various designs. You can choose from different patterns and shapes of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Some tiles are exact copies of marble and others mimic the patterns of wood blocks or quartz. In other words, you can use ceramic tiles in any type of kitchen to give it the desired touch of color and pattern. 

Ceramic tiles are simple yet sufficient. They are immune to heat damage due to hot pans and pots. Ceramic tiles and also hard and are not prone to scratching and stains.

My Soho Design can provide you with any material to enhance the beauty of your kitchen by choosing the best kitchen countertops that agree with your style and ambiance. Countertops are easily the center of attention in any kitchen and that is why it’s essential to keep them glimmering with perfection. Choose the material that suits your style and personality. From expensive granite to shiny marbles, the choice is unlimited when it comes to kitchen countertops.  You can create the kitchen of your dreams by selecting among these few countertops materials.