When choosing kitchen cabinet hardware, you must take time and think about what type of hardware will fit perfectly with your kitchen theme. We spend most of our time opening and closing cabinet doors. Yet, we do not think thoroughly about the details and quality of our chosen hardware accessories. In this article, we will talk about modern kitchen cabinet hardware styles and present a complete guide to hardware selection—so that you won’t face any problem when choosing hardware for your next remodeling project. 

If you are confused about whether you should install pulls or cabinet handles and whether you should opt for black or brass hardware, here is a wholly curated guide to help you select better. 

What Are the Newer Hardware Trends? 

From elegant black knobs to shiny brass handles, here are some gorgeous new hardware trends that you must try:

Beautiful Brass: brass hardware is readily available in varied shapes and sizes. The most elegant of the all are long, lean brass pulls that give off an aura of traditional style. They can adapt to a variety of cabinet styles, and therefore, enable an easy update. Other than that, dainty drop pulls are also very trendy as delicate kitchen cabinet hardware. And when balanced with substantial hardware like knobs and cup pulls, drop pulls get even more stylish. You can also opt for hexagonal bass knobs, which are very popular and trendy these days. They give your kitchen cabinets a very antique and vintage look. 

Bold Black: nothing looks classier than a combination of white and black. If you have simple white cabinets, pair them with lean black pull bars. This will give your kitchen a retro schoolhouse-type ambiance while maintaining the modern touch. Black kitchen cabinet hardware also takes on a bold look when paired with blue cabinetries. This surprising combination will create an eclectic ambiance and dampen the otherwise stark look.  

Wild Cards: whether you desire a boho look or opt for romantic details, painted porcelain is an ever-green option to bring a powerful punch style to your kitchen. Porcelain handles are the best options for small kitchens with only a few cabinets. 

How Do I Select Kitchen Cabinet Hardware? 

Since most of the cabinetries don’t come with installed hardware, it is up to the homeowner to select knobs and pulls that ideally match their kitchen cabinets. Typically, with several options and unique styles, it’s not the easiest decision. But here are some tips that can make your hunt for the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware easier. 

The hardware you select must fit the theme of your cabinets and kitchen in general. But how would you know which hardware will work best with your kitchen theme? If you have a modern and contemporary kitchen, opt for smooth and lean pulls to complement the streamlined theme. Conventional cabinets will work best with plain and basic handles. French county style will give a more antique look if paired with vintage-looking delicate hardware. 

Always choose cohesive finishes. You will discover cabinet hardware with different types of surface finishes, from brass to brushed nickel. Although mix-matching hardware around your kitchen is okay, preserving a single finish and keeping color coordination close will make your kitchen look more organized. Even if you have to buy hardware from different stores, try to keep surface finishes cohesive.

Knobs or Pulls: Which One Should I Use? 

In traditional and country kitchens, installing knobs on cabinet doors is standard. In reality, on various types of cabinet doors, knobs work better than pulls. But on contemporary kitchen cabinets, pulls have also proved to be a good option. So, how do you know when to use knobs or pulls? When kitchen cabinets are fancy, textured, and highly detailed, go with knobs rather than pulls. A knob is more unfussy, easier to install, and therefore, has less chance of damaging your cabinets or drawers.

You should also take the color of your cabinetries into consideration before selecting kitchen cabinet hardware. Generally, with white cabinets, any finish will blend perfectly, but a few brown shades might not be compliant.

What Kind of Kitchen Hardware Looks Best on Shaker-Style Cabinets? 

Shaker cabinets bring a traditional and sleek look to your kitchen space. Versatility is the primary reason why they are still in fashion. Eventually, with shaker-style cabinets, you can only accomplish the details you are looking for through perfect kitchen cabinet hardware. 

Shaker cabinet doors are so adaptable that they can become either conventional or modern depending on the hardware you install on them. Embellishing elements like lighting, floor, and hardware can immensely impact your kitchen area’s tone and general fashion. That is why kitchen cabinet hardware is usually alluded to as jewelry by kitchen designers. Generally, knobs in the same color as shaker-style cabinets complement the theme and give a more modernized look. 

Where Are Pulls and Knobs Placed on The Kitchen Cabinets? 

For a five-piece cabinet set, the typical placement is to install the knob on the corner of the face frame so that the knob remains at the center of frame pieces, both vertical and horizontal. The same placement applies to the installation of pulls on cabinets. The bottom and top of the pull hardware are placed in the middle of the corner. This arrangement is also the most workable, as it puts the handles within comfortable reach. 

A more modern and cutting-edge placement puts pulls and knobs a little bit above or below the middle section. This way, the end of either knob or pull will flush or get past the edge of the piece frame.

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